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Scout II, Terra & Traveler Automatic Transmission CVI Console. We have done surveys before to gauge interest in product that ScoutpluSS!! wishes to produce for those in this hobby.  It costs a lot of money to build a production mould and I figure we will need at least 10 firm orders (deposits) before we begin production.  I project the price to be at about $275-$299 and will guarantee it at the agreed price to the first 10 orders.  If we feel we are not making any money, after the initial 10 pieces are made, we will increase the price to cover the costs and provide us with some profit.  Now would be the time to buy.  They will be made with fiberglass and as we are a small shop, do not always carry a full selection of gel coat colours. We do recommend painting the fiberglass as it can become chalky.  We anticipate producing these in a smooth finish, where some people might want them hydro dipped for spectacular finishes or where others might want to apply a textured finish.  This item is quite large 44"x14"x14" (bulky not heavy) and although we seek out the most economical shipper, those costs are beyond our control. We believe that $100 will get it delivered to most places in the USA.  If you know of a person local to you who also wishes to have a console, shipping costs can be reduced because this item will nestle quite well with another or two.  Email us if you have an sincere interest at:  or call  604-869-3665

We have many Original Center Consoles, priced depending upon condition. Some have rear ash trays, some have locks

495512C2, Scout II, Terra & Traveler Console Cover, Black Only. This a Great Reproduction of the Original  $99ea

We have a few nice Original Console Lids, give us a call.

Shifter Consoles. We have a few nice Original Shifter Consoles but colours are limited. Any of these can be painted to match your interior. Below is our inventory and each picture is the actual console you will receive, please specify part number.

415131C1 1, Black Transmission Shifter Console. Front right screw hole cracked, right side has holes from where a CB radio mike was mounted.  $39

  415131C1 2,  Black Transmission Shifter Console. Both front mounting screw holes are broken out.  $29

 456152C1 1, Tanbark Transmission Shifter Console. There is a mark at the very top right, also some marks towards the dash. Good overall condition.  $55

 456152C1 2, Tanbark Transmission Shifter Console. Minor crack in the left rear mounting hole. The plastic is faded. Good overall condition.  $65

 456152C1 3, Tanbark Transmission Shifter Console. No cracks or chips. Very nice condition.  $85

456152C1 4, Tanbark Transmission Shifter Console. Chip out of the left rear mounting hole.  $45

456152C1 5, Tanbark Transmission Shifter Console. Left rear mounting hole has a small crack and there is a small cigarette burn on the top right. Very good overall condition.  $65

456152C1 6, Tanbark Transmission Shifter Console. Has a big chip out off the front right mounting hole (not visible from the drivers position).  $29

456152C1 7, Tanbark Transmission Shifter Console. This is in Very Good condition.  $95

 456152C1 8, Tanbark Transmission Shifter Console. Very Good condition.  $85

456158C1 1, Ivy Green Transmission Shifter Console. Small crack at the front, slight fading but overall great condition and hard to find in this colour.  $95

495590C1 1, Russet Transmission Shifter Console. No cracks of chips, excellent condition.  $95

495590C1 2, Russet Transmission Shifter Console. Left rear mounting hole is chipped and can be seen from the drivers position, otherwise in good condition.  $45

495590C1 3, Russet (Painted Black) Transmission Shifter Console. This is in great overall condition and can be painted any colour. I'm not sure if the exisitng paint can be removed.  $75

495594C1 1, Siera Tan (Painted Black) Transmission Shifter Console. Great overall condition but the black paint is thin and needs to be repainted. I'm not sure if the existing paint can be removed as I seldom see these consoles in Siera Tan.  $75

495588C2, Auto Transmission Shifter Console. This is a reproduction item that will look sharp on your Scout II, Terra or Traveler. Available only in black.  $97ea