Transmission, Clutch, Transfer Case
Fiberglass & SSII Reproduction Parts:
We do make a lot of fiberglass parts for the Scout II's and a few for the Scout 80/800's.  Over the last couple of years we have accumulated some nice truck parts that we will use to make moulds.  These include front & rear fenders (1937-75), grilles (L & R), bumpers (B, C, D).  We have a couple of nice trucks to pull moulds from for cab corners (B, C & D).  A lot of people do not want to use fiberglass, but it's the only economical solution for replacement parts for International trucks.  Would you be interested in Fiberglass parts for your IH Truck or Travelall?  Let us know your thoughts as it takes a lot of time and money to make production moulds and we have to invest our money where it's needed most.    
Please contact us at:  or  604-869-3665 
Scout II CVI Console
We have done surveys before to gauge interest in product that ScoutpluSS!! wishes to produce for those in this hobby.  It costs a lot of money to build a production mould and I figure we will need at least 10 firm orders (deposits) before we begin production.  I project the price to be at about $275-$299 and will guarantee it at the agreed price to the first 10 orders.  If we feel we are not making any money, after the initial 10 pieces are made, we will increase the price to cover the costs and provide us with some profit.  Now would be the time to buy.  They will be made with fiberglass and as we are a small shop, do not always carry a full selection of gel coat colours. We do recommend painting the fiberglass as it can become chalky.  We anticipate producing these in a smooth finish, where some people might want them hydro dipped for spectacular finishes or where others might want to apply a textured finish.  This item is quite large 44"x14"x14" (bulky not heavy) and although we seek out the most economical shipper, those costs are beyond our control. We believe that $100 will get it delivered to most places in the USA.  If you know of a person local to you who also wishes to have a console, shipping costs can be reduced because this item will nestle quite well with another or two.  Email us if you have an sincere interest at:  or call  604-869-3665
303791C93FG Scout 80/800 FIBERGLASS RIGHT Rear Fender Cap (Tailcap) You cut out for the tail and backup lights or you can fill with some bondo if you do not want any backups lights. You can use automotive body adhesive or rivet these panels into position.  Currently we only make the right side. This is a great alternative to rusty/dented steel tailcaps that are getting very hard to find.  $249ea 
391222C2FG Scout II Fiberglass Bumper. Can be used front or rear. You must drill your own holes. Can be painted or use "Spectra Chrome" or "Elsacorp" for a chrome like finish.  $149ea
  Scout II Fiberglass Visor, as pictured, you supply mounting hardware.  $169
Scout II, Terra & Traveler Fiberglass Fender, Right (Passenger Side). New, but has some minor shelf wear, needs and hour of touch up.  $310, SOLD~!
Scout II, Terra & Traveler Fiberglass Fender, Left (Drivers Side). New, but has some minor shelf wear, needs an hour of touch up.  $310,  SOLD~!
SSII DOOR HINGE (Will Work Left or Right)  $75ea
SSII DOOR FRAME (Must Specify Left or Right) does not come with hinges (order separately)  $225ea
SSII DOOR HANDLE KIT, NOS, RARE~!  $399 One Set Available Only~!
J8123718, NOS Scout SSII Door Spring, LEFT,  $35ea
J8123719, NOS Scout SSII Door Spring, RIGHT,  $35ea
SSII DOOR HASP, Will Work Left or Right, $27ea
SSII GNO12657 Door Insert Rivets, $.75ea or package of 100 for  $59 Scout Rallye Steering Wheel, USED with Horn Button. We have a few to choose from: $199-$349 Give us a Call~!
481685C1, Scout SSII Grille, plastic, used the proper grille surround, contact us for details.  $139 USD.  We have some used SSII parts Inquire~!
TN103, Scout II Tailgate Insert, Fiberglass,  $249 USD. We also sell ABS plastic inserts for $125 USD.

Why buy TN Fiberglass SSII Door Inserts from ScoutpluSS!!~? We can sell you INDIVIDUAL pieces if you ever damage a piece beyond repair!  Never a need to buy a pair or set again~!  We make them with Original Style GRAINY FINISH.  
Please note that in the process of making these that there might be some minor imperfections as the Grainy Finish is very hard to replicate.  We have also added an additional 1/2" to either side to conceal imperfections in your paint caused by the effects of old inserts vibrating and wearing through the paint.  This extra lip can be trimmed back to the original size.  From time to time, we will have pieces that do not make the grade and we will sell them for a discount, please inquire.  Generally, shipping is $150~$200 for most of North America per set.  We do not have a hiden "Crating" Fee.  We also offer a Complete SSII Conversion Kit at a Discount Price, which could include the Soft Top, Door Skins, Door Frames, Hardware, SSII Style Grille, Tailgate Insert, Mirrors and SSII Decal Kit.  Please Inquire~!

TN SSII Door Inserts, Complete Kit, Grainy Finish, includes both L & R Inners and L & R Outers, 4 pc. set  $579 USD
TN SSII Door Inserts, L & R Inners, Grainy Finish, $269pr USD
TN SSII Door Inserts, L & R Outers, Grainy Finish. Why sell just Outers? Quite often only the Outers are damaged...why replace the whole set? $319pr USD
TN SSII Door Inserts, LEFT Inner & Outer, Yes, we will sell the Inserts in ANY Combination to meet your needs. This pair is for the LEFT Side Only. $299pr USD
TN SSII Door Inserts, RIGHT Inner & Outer, $299pr USD
TN SSII Door Insert, LEFT Inner, $149ea USD
TN SSII Door Insert, RIGHT Inner, $149ea USD
TN SSII Door Insert, LEFT Outer, $179ea USD
TN SSII Door Insert, RIGHT Outer, $179ea USD
The ScoutpluSS!! Scout SSII MINI DOOR....currently under development. We are seeking solutions to utilize the SSII soft door hinge, having it incorporated into the hinging system for the mini door. We also need to design a proper latching system and a way to have a removable upper window/frame. The lower opening is for a plexiglass window to view the trail as you drive along a cliff...LOL. No pricing set yet, but thought we would share that we have the moulds and do wish to move ahead with this project.
TN105, Scout II Rear Wheel Well, fits left or right. Glass these in and never worry about rust again!  Also covers up badly dented wheelwells if trimed to fit. $95ea USD.
Scout II Fiberglass Travel Top (unfinished, flashing has to be removed) A factory Second $1,200 USD.  SOLD
Scout II Terra Top (you must have round corner windows) used, MANY in STOCK! $200~$800ea USD.
465376C1  Find attached pictures of the Best Terra Top that we have,  Scout II Terra Top
It includes original interior dome light, original exterior cargo light, coat hook and original side speaker cover plates.
The fiberglass is in excellent condition (minor spider webbing which is usual at the bolt holes)
The metal mounting plate across the bottom is very solid with no rust pitting, the door seal metal strip riveted to the top is also in excellent condition.
All that is missing is the rear window and the rubber seal.
It does need paint.  This is Priced at $600
Ancillary items you may want to consider if converting a Traveler to a Terra is:
1) Bulkhead Panel
2) Steel Tailgate
3) Seal/Weatherstripping Kit
Scout II Terra Top with Rare Sliding Rear Window, used, SOLD~!
1) TN102fpr, Scout II, 2pc FRONT Fender Flares, complete with stainless screws and "U" channel, $179pr USD.
2) TN102rpr, Scout II, 2pc REAR Fender Flares, complete with stainless screws and "U" channel, $179pr USD.
3) TN102set, Scout II, 4pc FRONT & REAR Fender Flares, complete with stainless screws and "U" channel, $349set USD.
4) TN102sgl, Scout II, 1pc Fender Flares, complete with stainless screws and "U" channel, we will sell any single fender flare that you may need if yours is damaged beyond repair, never a need to buy a pair or set again! $99ea USD.