Transmission, Clutch, Transfer Case


UPDATE, Aug., 21, 2014

 We have had a LOT of e-mails and phone calls about this kit, either as a kit to sell or specs so that you can build your own "Bored & Stroked". Doug has dropped of the map and I have not heard from him for over 2 years. Apparently, this project is stillborn.  Please, if you hear of Doug, let us know.  ~Rod~


Doug Cope of Vancouver, Washington is attempting to build a "Bored & Stroked" 392 IH V8 engine that will have either a 468 cid or 554 BIG INCHES!!!  Stay tuned, Doug is going to share his progress on this build with us so we can share it with the rest of you IH'ers out there.

When completed Doug is going to put this BIG IH V8 in his 1967 Travelette 1200B All Wheel Drive

 The last 392 Doug built was for a tractor puller that was a 10,000 lb. class truck. He had chrome-a-shaft in Los Angeles offset grind it 3/8th of an inch to make it 447ci. It made 557hp at 5400rpm and also made an astounding 610 foot pounds of torque!

 We have had a lot of interest already in this project, Doug is going to put together a stroker kit that will be available here at ScoutpluSS!!

Any of you out there have a spare 5 speed Overdrive transmission? Doug wants one for his Travelette.


392 = 468 = 554?