Transmission, Clutch, Transfer Case


 - Let us know what you are looking for!! -

Please check in on this page from time to time as you may be able to help others~! Cleaning out your garage/barn or shed may contain parts that could help finance another project.

Contact us at if you have what we need~!  

Below is a list of items sought by others:

1) Scout Turbo or Turbo Parts - IH 196 cam shaft, NOS IH 196 oil pump

2) Rubber Floor Mat for 1964-68 Pickup for Alberta IH'er!  

3) 1937 - 1940 D Series International Pickup, COE, Cab & Chassis or Panel

4) NOS or really Nice front or Rear (stepside) Fenders for 1937-75 pickups!

5) Ian Furlong from Southern California is looking for a PTO unit to mate with his tranny on a 1973 1200 pickup...e-mail him direct and help him out!

6) Vent window seals for an A-120. Part #'s 162360R1 (left) and 162361R1 (right) also 2 rear drums 73578R3 (new or at least has enough meat to turn) and bearing adjusting nuts (4) 68678R1. Contact Barry Ankney:

7) Looking for a Scout 800A or B in solid running condition (miminal rust & minor body work) Engine size does not matter (V8, 6 or 4 cyl.) but want manual transmission. Perfer Sport top or Travel top with back 1/2 cabs!  Please contact Scoutpluss!! so that we can forward your info to a serious buyer!

8)Jaci Cox, from Texas needs a short box that will fit a pickup from 1959-1968. Contact her at 817-933-0390  or