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Need a Grille? We have them~! Many in stock, various conditions to fit any budget. We also sell headlight bezels and emblems that attach to the grilles. All Priced in US Dollars

1937-40 "D" Series Grilles YES

1940-49 "K" & "KB Grilles YES

"K" & "KB" Grille Center Bars. We made these 24" long so that you can trim and fit to your truck perfectly. Made from stainless steel and can be polished to a high shine. The original clips on, we supply a high quailty 2-sided tape to attached this bar to your grille.  $69ea

1957-69 "A" Series Grilles YES

1963-64 "C" Series Grilles YES

1965-66 "C" Series Grilles YES

1967-68 "C" Series Grilles YES

1969-70 "D" Series Grilles YES

1971 "D" Series Grilles YES

404298C1 1, 1971 IH Pickup Grille Insert. It was one small chip at the top left (near center) screw hole location. You may be able to repair this easily, otherwise this grille is flawless. Very hard to find not broken. Other pictures available upon request.  $189

404298C1 3, 1971 International Pickup, Travelall and Travelette Grille Insert. It was lightly sprayed black sometime in it's life. There are NO Cracks or Chips in this Grille. Needing one for your restoration? This is it~! More pictures available upon request.  $219

1972-73 "D" Series Grilles YES

1974-75 "D" Series Grilles YES

1961-66 Scout 80/800 Grilles YES

862260R1 NOS (New Old Stock) Scout 80 Grille. If doing a full restoration, this will enhance the front end of your's the first thing people will notice when approaching your vehicle. This is a new, never used Scout 80 Grille in beautiful condition.  $359

1966-68 Scout 800 Grilles YES

1969-71 Scout 800 Grilles YES

374969C1 & 374970C1 Scout 800A and Scout 800B (1969-71) Grille (mesh) and Grille Surround. The grille surround is in nice condition, but needs a good polish. The mesh has been painted (can be removed with paint stripper) and the mesh itself needs to be flattened, 2 mesh holes are damaged, but hardly noticable. On the backside, someone has used caulking to hold it in place.  $149 SOLD~!

1971-72 Scout II Grilles YES

  426087C1 0544 1971-72 Grille, this grille has been custom chrome plated and comes complete with stainlass trim bars, add a distinctive look to the front of your Scout~!  $349

  426087C2 0405 1971-72 Scout II Grille in very nice condition  $249 SOLD~!

426087C2 1261 1971-72 Scout Grille with the "International" Emblem and the deluxe stainless trim bars (one does need to be straightened)  $319

1973-75 Scout II Grilles YES

1976 Scout II, Terra & Traveler Grilles YES

1977-79 Scout II, Terra & Traveler Grilles YES

1977-79 Scout SSII Style Grilles YES

486151C2 01, 1977-79 Scout II, Terra & Traveler Chrome Grille. Shiny Chrome, one small 1/8" hole top center, some bubbling of the chrome, some scuff marks, NO cracks on the backside and all screw holes are intact. Very nice driver quality grille  $239

486151C2 NOS (new old stock) Chrome Grille for 1977-79 Scout II's, Terra's and Travelers. A few very minor flaws, but try to find one nicer. We have seem some listed for $1300, but we are fair with our pricing $899 is the take it home price with Free Shipping~!

486151C2 02, 1977-79 Scout II, Terra & Traveler Chrome Grille. Shiny Chrome, some scuff marks, one small crack on the backside, but all screw holes are intact. Excellent driver quality grille  $259

486151C2 04, 1977-79 Scout II, Terra & Traveler Chrome Grille. Shiny Chrome, some noticable scuff marks, some chrome bubbling, one small crack on the backside, all the screw holes are intact, very nice driver quality grille  $249

486151C2 05, 1977-79 Scout II, Terra & Traveler Chrome Grille. Shiny Chrome, some scuff marks, two cracks that do not take the looks away, one screw hole punched out, nice driver quality  $229

486151C2 NOS (new old stock) Ultra Rare BLACK Grille for 1977-79 Scouts. It does has some light shelf wear, but very minor. $699

486151C2 06, 1977-79 Scout II, Terra & Traveler Chrome Grille. Needs to be polished, chrome is bubbling, some scuff marks, one crack, two screw holes punched out, driver quality  $189

486151C2 31, 1977-79 Scout II, Terra & Traveler SILVER Grille. Very few of these grilles were made in Argent Silver. This grille is in very nice condition with no cracks or punched out screw holes, some scuffing to the paint and one small area to the left is rough (a little bondo will repair it easily) excellent driver quality  $249

The Iconic Scout SSII Grille was also used on some special Scout II, Terra and Traveler Models such as the Raven and Shadow. This can be applied to any Scout II with the proper grille surround. Contact us for details. These are NEW  $139ea

1980 Scout II, Terra & Traveler Grilles YES

  505346C2 1 1980 Scout II Grille. This is a one year only grille (about 14,000 Scouts were built this year) meaning it is very rare. What is worse, it is prone to breakage with some very fine design details. If restoring a 1980 Scout Traveler, Terra or Scout II, finding a perfect example will be tough. I do know of one NOS grille for sale from a private collection, but it is priced at $1,800~! We do have other broken 1980 grilles available for parts to repair this grille.  This grille is priced at  $179

505346C2 2 1980 Scout II Grille. Similar to the grille above  $179

505358C1 NOS 1980 Scout II Headlight Bezel  $39ea

505358C1 USED 1980 Scout II Headlight Bezel  $19ea

  571143C1 USED 1980 Scout II Retaining Ring  $15ea

505471C91, 1980 ONLY Scout II, Terra & Traveler Headlight Bucket Assembly. It includes the retaining ring, bezel, bucket, screws and a headlight (not sure if it works) USED  $59ea