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"110" Series Emblem, USED  $39

Loadstar 1700 01 Emblem, Used, very nice condition, both pegs intact  $95

Loadstar 1700 02 Emblem, Used, very nice condition, both pegs intact  $95 or $170 for the pair

International Emblem, 31" long. One Peg Missing from the Back, USED  $59

  860265R1, "Scout" Script Emblem for all Scout 80/800's, NEW reproduction from original moulds  $59ea

C4005240 Rare Advertising "IH" Emblem 12"x12", used on mudflaps but would look cool mounted on a wall in your shop  $89ea

2754149R1, "IH" Emblem used on many IH Vehicles 1960~1980, NEW reproduction from original moulds  $59ea

2754149R1, IH Emblems USED originals. Priced for your budget, paint them to look new and save yourself some money. Priced depending upon condition  $9-$39ea

293060C1, IH Emblem, USED  $120.  Also have one that's missing a peg for  $100

264366C1, Cowl Moulding LEFT, IH Pickups and Travelalls, (missing 1 peg) pitted as shown (needs to be re-chromed) Very Hard to Find Item  $79ea

264367C1, Cowl Moulding RIGHT, IH Pickups and Travelalls, (missing 1 peg) pitted as shown (needs to be re-chromed)  Very Hard to Find Item  $79ea

61762R1, KB2 Emblem, USED  $49

61764R1, KB5 Emblem, USED  $39 USD.  Have another with missing pegs for  $29

89044R1, L-110 Emblem, USED  $79

116226R1, R-110 Emblem, USED  $79

116231R1, R-160 Emblem, USED  $59

145690R1, S-110 Emblem, USED  $79  Have another one, small mark on the front  $69

219290R1, B-100 Emblem, USED  $29

219290R1, B-100 Emblem, NOS  $180

230804R1, B-100 Emblem, NOS  $180

219293R1, B130 Emblem, USED  $59

405380C1, NEW (reproduced from original moulds) Chrome Name Plate as used on 1971-75 IH Pickups, Travelalls & Travelettes  $19ea   (we do sell the model name decals, please ask)

405380C1, Emblems, USED  $19-$24  Pictures available upon request.

588196C1, S-2300 Emblem, USED  $70

588196C1, S-2500 Emblem, USED  $80

588196C1, S-1700 Emblem, Appears to be New Old Stock  $100

A-100 Emblem, USED  $29

NEW International "Cursive" 13" Emblem, Brilliant Chrome~!  Two only, $79ea

396637C3, "International" Emblem, Priced depending upon condition  $39- $79

2754222R1 New "International" Grille Emblem as used on the Scout 800A and the 1969-71 International Pickup, Travelall and Travelette. We have a limited supply, order one now~!  $97ea

2754244R1, "International" Emblem. New reproduction from original moulds and used on Scout II's  $56ea

96905HB "International"  Emblem, priced depending upon condition, $30-$100

  24321R91 Hood Emblem $199

288327C1, Barrel Emblem Nuts, 1/8inch,  used to hold many emblems onto the sheetmetal. $1ea  or  12 for $10

                                       103453H, Barrel Nut, 3/16 inch, $1 each or 12 for $10