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SUSPENSION: Steering Priced in US Dollars

We can Steer you in the Right Direction~!  CLICK to Enlarge all Pictures!

428804C91, NOS Rag Joint, Scout II, Terra & Traveler, These are NOT rebuilt, but factory New Old Stock Originals~! Made to Fit the Steering Box that has a 13/16" Splined Out-put Shaft, Typically Used on 1972-1978 Scouts. Be Wary if Your Steering Box Has Been Replaced in the past.  $85ea

483304C91, NOS Rag Joint, Scout II, Terra & Traveler, These are NOT rebuilt, but factory New Old Stock Originals~! Made to Fit the Steering Box that has a 3/4" Splined Out-put Shaft, Typically Used on 1978-1980 Scouts. Be Wary if Your Steering Box Has Been Replaced in the past.  SORRY, OUT OF STOCK~!  $85ea

Steering Columns, have standard and tilt used ones to choose from. Call for price and avialability.

419871C1 Power Steering Hose, 1979 and down Scout II,  $39ea

507998C1 Scout II, Terra & Traveler Power Steering Return Hose,  $29ea

459307C91, Tie Rod End, Scout II (1975-80) Coarse Thread, Left Side, complete with boot, castle nut, cotter pin & grease fitting.  $42ea

459308C91, Tie Rod End, Scout II (1975-80) Fine Thread, Right Side, complete with boot, castle nut, cotter pin & grease fitting.  $42ea

FRT126L, LEFT Tie Rod End,  $35ea

FRT126R, RIGHT Tie Rod End,  $35ea

380012C91, LEFT Inner Tie Rod End for IH Pickups (1969-75),  $39

682077R91 or 386173R91, Scout 80/800 Short Tie Rod End. LIMITED Supply.   $39ea

879215R1, Scout 80/800 Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeve. LIMITED Supply.  $25ea

152807R91 152808R91 (Cup & Cone) Knuckle Bearing used on L, R, S, A & B Series trucks. Please phone to get the proper bearing for your truck~!  $35ea

87355.20 Rough Country Steering Stabalizer $79kit

Wheelskins Steering Wheel Covers. These are the Best~! The Best Leather is used and Custom Sizes are available. We sell these for ANY Vehicle. Call for Pricing and Color Choices. 

 Wheelskins Driving Gloves. Sized to fit you. Inquire for pricing~!

493504C91-4 Scout II Rallye Steering Wheel, used on 1977-79 Scouts, but can be used on any Scout or IH pickup.  This is an original piece that has been restored.  Cracks in the wheel rim. Includes horn buttom with new center emblem, the horn retainer buttons (3), retaining ring and horn contact switch. Pictured is the complete Steering Wheel and Components that you will receive.  $349kit

We do sell Premium "WheelSkins" Leather Steering Wheel Covers, please inquire~!

493319D Horn Button, 1979 Scout II, Terra & Traveler, large (44mm)  $13ea

Horn Button, 1980 Scout II, Terra & Traveler, small (27mm) $11ea

453426C1RALLYE, Horn Button for Scout II, USED, $39ea (out of stock)

453426C1, Horn Button, USED, $19ea

217562R2, Horn Button with Emblem, USED, $49ea

453422C1, Lower Horn Retainer, USED, $29ea

377756C1, Horn Contact Switch, USED, $29ea

422309C1, Horn Contact, USED, $15ea

380963C1, Deluxe Steering Wheel Horn Button Pad. Used on 1977-80 Scout II, Terra & Travelers AND on 1969-75 IH Pickups and Travelalls. This item is excellent USED condition and we have a few different colours available, please inquire.  $19ea

432045C2, NOS Power Steering Pump Bracket  $65ea

496073C2, NOS Power Steering Pump Bracket Spacer (0.625" long) If you need the shorter spacer use part number 584029C1 (0.450" long)  $9ea

Steering Shaft Upgrades: Flaming River Billet Steering Joints, strong needle bearing design, CNC machined billet aircraft steel,  $99ea  (To do a proper job on your Scout II Steering, you should have both upper and lower joints)  Weather doing a body lift of 2" or more and trying to figure out the binding issue, or just tired of ripping rag joints on your steering shaft this Flaming River double u-joint kit is the best solution to your steering problems. Don't cut your firewall in a U shape slot below the column. Install this kit without cutting or shimming! The mini U-joints are sealed and maintenance free for the life of your truck. NOTE: You will need to measure the diameter of the shaft coming out of the steering box  as there were two used on the Scout II's.  3/4" or 13/16".  I need to know to get you the right one! Scout II's from 1971 thru mid '77 came with a 13/16" input.  From mid 1977 thru '80 had a 3/4" input.  If your steering box was replaced at some point in time, it may have had a change in input size. Best way to determine which input shaft you have is to slip a 11/16" 12 point box end wrench over the input shaft of the steering box (steering box or ragjoint must be removed in order to perform this task). If the wrench slips over the input shaft then you have a 3/4" input. If it will NOT go over the input shaft then you have a 13/16" input.  Kit (upper & lower joints with 6" of DD shaft)  $239kit

BCB Straight Steering Brace. Thicker than other brands and protect the oil pan from frontal hits. Eliminates the swaying associated with larger tires wandering and the squishy feeling of the truck going around corners. This brace has enough clearance so that most water hoses will not rub on it. This superior design is made with 1/2" plate steel with welded corners! No fatiguing in these joints like other companies who use bent 3/8" corners. Recommended for all Scout II's. Includes all hardware.  $99ea

BCB Pitman Arm, no drop.  $49ea                                 

BCB Tie Rods and Draglinks for Scout 80/800 & Scout II

Unequalled strength. These two products when added to your vehicle insure you stand the best chance of returning unbroken in the back country and on the toughest trails in North America.   

They are superior and outperform the stock flimsy equipment that is made of 1/8 wall mild steel and 5/8 solid mild steel. The factory ones are hollow, these are either DOM 1.125" or solid polished stainless steel. In addition the ends are the heaviest on the market. An additional option available is adding heim joints to the end in place of the conventional ends. What this means is more flex on the draglink when articulating (spacers must be used...ask). On the tie rod it means that you can move the tie rod above the knuckles for 2-3" more ground clearance in a spot previously taken up in front of the axle (requires drilling out taper to 3/4"hole). This mounting method maximizes chances of not bending tie rods on the trails.