Transmission, Clutch, Transfer Case



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433114C92 Fuel Pump for 304/345, Carry a spare!  $49. USD 

326086C93, (CNC6857) Fuel Pump, 4 cyl. Scout II, 80, 800. $169. USD

463365C91, (LDC5591413) New Water Pump, 4-Bolt Design, $69. USD

463365C91, (LCD252126) New Water Pump,

Dual Hole Pattern Design, $105. USD

151415R2 Pulley, 6" dia with 4 bolt holes as used on the crank shaft on 152 and 196 engines.  $39ea

151985R5 LDC, Stock Factory Spec. Cam for IH 304, 345 & 392 V8 Engines. Lift: in. 260, ex. 240, spec 050 in. 188, ex. 178, dur. in. 264, ex. 256, lobe 110, rocker ratio 1.7,  $159USD

RM336-1882, 12V Starter for all 4cyl & V8 IH Engines. Rebuilt, NO Core Exchange Required~!  $119ea

RM302 Hi Torque 12V Starter for all 4cyl & V8 IH Engines. Usually Required for Engines that have High Compression, but we offer this as an Alternative to the Big Bulky OEM Starter that can be Prone to Heat Malfunctions Due to the Confined Space. You May also find that it Allows Better Access to the Top Bolt that Many Curse~! This is a Compact Unit and Weighs Much Less than the Regular Starter. No Core Exchange.  $329

RM260034, Frost/Freeze Plugs, 1.125 inch,  $2ea

338192C91, NOS Engine Mounts for all Scout II & Scout 800 with V8 engines. Perfect if you are doing a class restoration...these have never been used~!  We only have a few left.  $149ea

388192C91, USED but not abused Engine Mounts for all V8 Scouts. $49ea

SP23101, Scout 80/800 Transmission Mount Kit.  $49kit

SP22109, Scout 80/800 Engine Mount Kit. $49kit

NOS International Dip Sticks~! Just Add Oil~!  Check your Parts Manual for application per part number. No Parts Manual? Check with plUSS~! 345602C11, 446518C1, 338627C31, 1824561C1, 151728R21...ALL  $30ea

417836C3 NOS Dip Stick Tubes, for IH 266 & 304 V8,  $35ea

1700538C91 (324888C93) NOS Heat Riser Valve (exhaust regulator) used on all IH 266, 304, 345 & 392 V8's. (use gasket 212013R1) $65ea

IH Fuel Pump Cover Plate, Billet Aluminum. $17

Blank Fuel Pump Cover, Billet Aluminum. $16

IH Air Cleaner Nut, Billet Aluminum. $21


IH EGR Cover Plate, Billet Aluminum. $17

470404C1 NOS Power Steering Pump (non smog) Bracket for Scouts, P/U & T/A's,  $59ea

  379292C2, AC ALT Bracket, Fits many IH Engines 1960's & 1970's, USED,  $79ea

  323217C1, Power Steering Pump Bracket, USED,  $59ea

417790C4, Power Steering Pump Bracket, USED,  $59

Fuel/Gas Caps, we have you covered~!

126368R91 NOS Fuel/Gas Cap,  $13ea

Non-Vented Fuel/Gas Cap,  $13ea

554185C91, NOS Locking Fuel/Gas Cap,  $45

510199C910491, Scout II Locking Fuel/Gas Cap,  $21

379318C1 NOS Valve Cover Oil Cap, $25,  Aftermarket Oil Cap, $10ea