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ScoutpluSS!! is always parting out Internationals:  Scout IIs, Scout 80/800s, Pickups, Travelalls & Travelettes, from 1937-1980~!  We just do not have the Time to post Thousands of Pictures.  Call or Email for the Parts you Need!  604-869-3665  or   Priced in USD
If we can't help you, then try Our Friends at MAGIHC Vintage International who deal Primarily in Medium to Heavy Trucks Prior to 1960~!


  395656C3 Scout II Windshield Frame, This is restored, ready to sand and paint. $899 SORRY, this item is SOLD, we will post when we have another available.

RARE 1980 Scout Shadow Package

 This is Your Opportunity to Purchase a Very Rare Scout "Shadow" Package. Only Offered in 1980 and will adapt to any 100" Wheelbase Scout II. This package includes the console, left & right rear quarter louvers, tailgate insert, one upper clip, one lower clip (to affix the louvers) and both VIN Tags. Other items we have separately are the black vent window frames and the Polycast Wheels. We have the parts to help you restore your Scout~! The lead picture is of a Scout "Raven" taken from the internet, which looked similar in appearance. The Package Listed Above is $1,800 SORRY, THIS PACKAGE IS SOLD~! 

451410C2, 1975 Scout II Grille, This is in great condition and worth what we are asking.  $279, SOLD.  We have MANY other grilles available from 1937-1980...Scout II, Scout 80/800 and International Trucks!!! Call for info, conditions and pricing now~!

426087C1-0544 CHROME Grille for 1971-72 Scout II's.  Obviously, a Custom Touch. Comes with the 3 Stainless Mouldings (400007C1) Complete as Shown  $349

We have fenders for 1969-75 "D" Series trucks, the biggest problem is that International used several variations of the fenders...As they are not being made or reproduced, you may have to modify fenders to suit you.  Pictures to Follow

  1. Some had fuel filler holes (both left & right) on the lower portion of the fender, some without
  2. Some had provisions for a long side marker light....others for the small side marker light
  3. Of course, depending upon the body side treatment, there could be many holes from trim...or none
  4. The 1974-75 fender were slightly different than the 1969-73 fenders towards the back near the windshield (I have been told)

197936R1 "B" Series Headlight Bezel (1959-61) USED,  $180ea

Shifter Consoles, USED. Many Colours to Choose From  $49ea

436442C1 USED Console Cover Scout II(early) $75ea

Scout II, Terra & Traveler (Yes, they are all the same) Dash Pads (official International terminology is "Instrument Panel Top".  WE GIVE HONEST DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS of the PARTS WE SELL~! The most common colour is Black. Other options were: Red, Blue, Highland Blue, Wedgewood (blue), Sage (light green), Ivy (dark green), Tanbark (tan/brown) and Sierra Tan (tan, very light brown). Very hard to find a pristine dash pad  Any dash pad can be painted to the colour of your choice. Proper prep is required. Professionals are available to restore your dash pad. You save about $50 on shipping charges. Priced depending upon condition.

495521C1 01 Scout II "Highland Blue" Dash Pad. FAIR Condition. Big crack right side, 3 small dents/crack at the center of the dash, 3 flaws at the extreme left. FREE Shipping on this item  $229

395844C2 01 Scout II "Blue" Dash Pad. GOOD Condition. 2 very small cracks/chips extrame left, small crack and chip center, 2 cracks in the right vent hole, impact damage far right. FREE Shipping on this item  $299

495522C1 09 Scout II "Sierra Tan" Dash Pad. VERY GOOD Condition. 1 small crack on the left corner of the left vent. A few minor blemishes. FREE Shipping on this item  $369 SOLD~!

495522C1 19 Scout II "Sierra Tan" Dash Pad. GOOD Condition. 1 Blemish on the left, a blemish in the center, 2 cracks in the right vent and a small chip/crack on the very right corner. FREE Shipping on this item  $299

395841C2 03 Scout II "Black" Dash Pad. VERY GOOD Condition. One very small blemish on the left corner, One 1/8" pincture mark UNDER the dash, near the center screw hole above the glove box door (how many will see this?) Very hard to find one better. Free Shipping on this item  $369 SOLD~!

395841C2 06 Scout II "Black" Dash Pad. GOOD Condition. It needs a good cleaning and a vinyl protector. One tiny mark to the left of the right vent hole and a bruise/crack near the right corner. FREE Shipping on this item  $299 SOLD

455638C1 05 Scout II "Tan Bark" Dash Pad. GOOD Condition. 2 mircoscopic cracks in front of the left vent hole, a black mark near the center, a "rust?" spot on the right side on the leading edge. Nice Dash Pad for the price~! Free Shipping on this item  $299

419992C91, Scout II Heater Blower Motor with Squirrel Cage. UESD, For Scouts built prior to 10-5-77, Not pretty but Tested & Works  $34ea

469455C1D, Scout II Heater Blower Motor with DEEP Squirrel Cage. USED, For Scouts built 10-5-77 and later, Tested and Works  $34ea

469455C1S, Scout II Heater Blower Motor with Shallow Squirrel Cage. USED, For Scouts built 10-5-77 and later, Tested and Works  $34ea

  485589C1, Tail Light Housing/Lens, These are USED driver quality! $45ea

443002C91, USED Park/Directional Light Housing, Scout II or 74-75 P/U, T/A. $19ea

394120C91 USED Windshield Washer Tank. This item is Used but has the IH embossed into the tank, An original piece, please phone for condition (some have split or missing ears). $45 each.  (look in the hardware sections for parts to these tanks)

437704C1 USED Rad Overflow Tank (Reservoir) This item is used. Please phone for condition as some have split or missing ears.  $55 each.

395812C3 (left) or 395813C3 (right) Window regulator for Scout II, rebuilt, $95

453039C91 Radio  $59

244793R92 Radio Bracket  $25

917936C11 Bracket  $25

Grille Guard for Scout II, 70x18x6x38lbs,  $125 SOLD

NEW Fiberglass Travel Top for Scout II, unfinished, needs flashing removed. $1,200 SOLD

Terra Top, good condition! You will need rounded corner windows to convert your Scout II to accept this top. I have some available! $300-$600

1/2 Cab Top for a Scout 80/800. We have a few available, $300~$600, please inquire~!

DII-02L USED Inner door insert left (fiberglass) $79

   DIO-03L USED Outer door insert left $99 (fiberglass)

Need a Fender for a Scout II? Give us a Call~! $100-$400ea

Rust free (not free rust) Doors for Scout II's. $150-$400ea

Nice Tail Gates, make a closing statement on your project~! These fit Scout II & Terra and also Traveler if you take the top off and want a gate.

TG-20, Scout II Tailgate, silver and black on inside. A few small dents, has hardware (button and cams) fixed license plate holder  $349

  TG-23, Scout II Tailgate, primer, pretty straight, missing hardware, minor surface rust, no license plate holder  $249

Ancillery Items that you may need for your Scout II/Terra Tailgate:

 442640C2, Scout II Left Tailgate Strap, USED  $29ea

 442640C2, NOS Scout II Left Tailgate Strap  $59ea

442641C2, Scout II Right Tailgate Strap, USED  $29ea

395916C1, 339761C1, 358667c1, 395723c1, Shouldered Bolts, USED  $15ea

Cupped (spring) Washers, USED, free with above

162685 R11, Pivot Pins (hinge), USED  $25ea

License Plate Holder (fixed), USED  $35ea

License Plate Holder (flip-up), USED  $55ea

395621C1, Tailgate Button Spring Retainer Clip  $8ea

401496C1, License Plate Bracket Pivot Spring, Scout II, $15ea

468841C1 (right), 468842C1 (left), Cams, USED  $29ea

395909C1, 473967C2, Tailgate Latch, USED  $49ea

Tailgate Parts for 1959-75 Bonus Load (fleetside) Pickup Boxes (Beds)

212336R91, 1959-68 Bonus Load (Fleetside) Tailgate Strap, Spring Loaded, USED. Will work either Left or Right. There are actually 2 springs per strap, one is under the flanged bolt, the other mounts at the pivot pin. The pivot pin spring is not included.  $69ea

329085C1, NOS 1969-73 IH Pickup Bonus Load Tailgate Strap  $95ea

428462C91, 1969-75 IH Travelall Tailgate Strap, Left, USED  $39ea

428463C91, 1969-75 IH Travelall Tailgate Strap, Right, USED  $39ea

441079C1, 1974-75 IH Pickup Tailgate Strap, Left, USED  $39ea

358724C1, NOS Tailgate Hinge Bearing. Note the extra long pin and the countersunk holes  $79ea

358724C1, Tailgate Hinge Bearing, USED  $39ea

1974 IH Pickup 8' box in nice condition~!  SOLD,  We do have a couple others for sale @ $700ea

209852R1, Arm Rest USED, $75
132803R1, Arm Rest USED, $75

  417056C1, Inner Side Panel Left, Scout II, $75

  417057C2, Inner Side Panel Right, Scout II, $75

483081C1, Inner Trim Rear, Scout II, $75

~ Super Deal ~ Buy all three Inner Scout II Trim Pieces Get One FREE~!  ($150 for 3 pc set)