Transmission, Clutch, Transfer Case



IH Necessories - Original $30 SOLD OUT!!

IHC Almanac - Original $30 SOLD OUT!!


Scout Accessories - Original $30 SOLD OUT!
Scout with the Midas Touch

1980 Scout

1980 International Scout Foldout

1980 International Scout Colors Foldout

Take A Stand - Original $30 SOLD OUT!!

1979 Scout Gold Star Prototype - Original $15

1974 International Travelette

 77 International Scout Traveler

1978 International Scout Terra

1979 International Scout Terra

1979 International Scout Vehicles Towing

1979 International Scout Traveler

International Scout Diesels

International V-8 Truck Engines

Beauty and the Beast

Action Wheels for Everyone

Any time is take-off time - Reprint

Join the Great Getaway

Join the Great Getaway

  The Scout 800

Meet the Scout!

The All Purpose Scout

Pickup Camper Manual

King sized adventure at compact cost

1974 Light Line Chassis Features

Let's Compare 4x4's

May 1976 Off-Road

International "White" Foldout

International "Black" Foldout

International Scout 800 4x4

Scout 800

Scout 800A

International 1000D

International 1100D

International 1300

The 1000-Hour Engine

Scout "Not a Mere Car"

Scout Campsites

Scout Feeling at Home

Scout Fights Back

The "NOW" International

1961 Scout 80

International Cabs and Bodies

International Cabs and Bodies

International Post Card