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We Can Stop You~!  Priced in US Dollars

 Scout II Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit.  If your drums are in need of replacement, now is the time to consider this great up-grade kit~! Pictured is the Base Non-E-Brake Kit $539,  Also available is the E-Brake Kit for $569, Base Kit with Stainless Lines $549 and the deluxe kit with both E Brake and Stainless lines $579

Jeep Willys Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit. This kit is designed to work with the early Jeep Dana 44 (46-75). 100% bolt on. Our brackets are CNC laser cut and formed from .375" steel. Kits include brackets and mounting hardware, new rotors, calipers, banjo bolts, hoses and pads. Your choice of e-brake or non e brake calipers. FITS: 46-75 Jeep CJ2A,3A,3B, M38A1, M38, CJ5, CJ6, Willys Wagon, Willys Truck, 63-73 Wagoneer, and most Jeep Commando's, will not fit early 15/16" riveted wheels. Pictured is the Base Non-E-Brake Kit $539,  Also available is the E-Brake Kit for $569, Base Kit with Stainless Lines $549 and the deluxe kit with both E Brake and Stainless lines $579

Jeep/Scout Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit. Ditch those old 9" drum brakes. Front kit, complete, will be bolt on for most, slight grinding on the knuckle may be required to clear the calipers for some. Includes all new, caliper brackets, rotors, bearing hubs with studs and races, calipers, pads (organic), Timkin bearings, hoses, and seals. Hub and rotor is shipped with studs/races installed.
*** Full disclosure. Will not clear factory Willys 15/16" rivited wheels, or split combat wheels. You will need a modern 15" wheel (aftermarket or 75 and later Ford/Jeep/Scout)***  Will fit, CJ2a, CJ3a, CJ3b, M38, M38A1, CJ5, CJ6, Willys Wagon, Willys Truck, 63-73 Wagoneer, 63-73 Jeep J-Truck, Jeepster Commando, Scout 80, and Scout 800 with Dana 25, 27, and 30 front axles.  $629 with Rubber Hoses, $639 with Stainless Lines.

R&P Willys/Jeep CJ Dual Res. Master Cylinder Conversion Kit. Frame mounted Dual reservoir Wilwood Master Cylinder conversion kit. A must have when converting to brake systems that require a larger volume of fluid. Installs in place of factory single res. master cylinder, without cutting or grinding. Includes adjustable conversion bracket, dual res. master cylinder, and mounting hardware, push-rod, pressure switch block, and firewall/fender remote reservoirs.  Avail in Drum/Drum, Disc/Drum, and Disc/Disc Kits. Also fully convertible when you upgrade brake systems. Want to upgrade to disc from drum? Simply remove and add the proper residual pressure valve. $269ea

A07071 SSBC Adjustable Proportioning Valve $79 USD

L131292, Scout 80/800 1961-67 with front disc, rear drum. Dual port master cylinder,  $89ea

436148C92 (replaces 459224C91), Scout II Master Cylinder    $59ea

473416C91, Power Brake Booster with Master Cylinder Scout II (core charge $35)  $275ea

455781C91, LEFT Disc Brake Caliper, Scout II & 1974-75 1/2 ton IH P/U. NO CORE EXCHANGE! $69ea

 455782C91, RIGHT Disc Brake Caliper, Scout II & 1974-75 1/2 ton IH P/U. NO CORE EXCHANGE! $69ea

455775C91 Caliper Repair Kit, $15kit

459229C1 Caliper Piston  $19ea

368269C2, USED Scout II Rear Brake Drum, 11 X 2-1/4". These Drums have been Sand Blasted, Painted with a Cast Iron Grey and Turned~!  There is still a lot of meat left for another turning.  They are as good as new at less than 1/2 the cost~!  $140pair

455778C91, Brake Pads, Scout II  $46set

444234C2, NOS Scout II Rear Brake Hose (19")  $36ea

444241C2, NOS Scout II Front Right Brake Hose  $36ea

444242C2, NOS Scout II Front Left Brake Hose  $36ea

483638C1, NOS Scout II Rear Brake Hose, EXTENDED (24")  $39ea

1664136C2,  587280C1,  597280C1, NOS Brake Hose, may fit 1981-89 S1853 or 1990-97 4900.  Overall Length 32", check for fit  $29ea

Brake Hose, no ID info, 18" long  $19ea

Brake Hose, 2720779, no other ID info, 15" long  $19ea

Brake Hose, XSP5390, no other ID info, 18" long  $19ea

Extended Brake Hose Kit for Scout II, Braided Stainless  $129kit

434913A (IH # 398296C1) Clutch Rod Seal (Boot) or Parking Brake Cable Boot used on Scout II, Terra, Traveler (built prior to 10-12-77) and 1969-75 Pickups & Travelalls. Holes may have to be drill to secure this product.  $19ea.

379187C1, NOS Brake Hose Retainer Clip  $2ea

48184H, NOS Front Brake Hose Retainer Clip  $3ea

390679C91, Wheel Cylinder  $64ea

394659C91, Wheel Cylinder  $62ea

394660C91, Wheel Cylinder  $59ea

404946C91, Wheel Cylinder  $14ea

404947C91, Wheel Cylinder  $14ea

455652C91, Wheel Cylinder  $11ea

455653C91, Wheel Cylinder  $11ea

E-Brake Lever, 870539R91 Left, 870540R91 Right, Scout 80. Call for availability.

393951C94, 1972~78 Scout II Front Brake Cable,  $82ea

393953C91, 1972~78 Scout II Rear Brake Cable,  $82ea

442194C1, Scout II Disc Brake Spring Key,  $13ea

442195C1, Scout II Disc Brake Shoe Retainer Spring,  $7ea

308155C1 Brake Lever

308156C91 Brake Adjuster Cable

308163C1 Left Brake adjuster for 1971-72 Scout II, Rear Left for 1974-80 Scout II. Fits other P/U applications, please inquire. 308164C1 Right Brake Adjuster  $19ea

Brake Hardware Kits starting at $19kit, phone for more details

899896R1 Brake Spring,  $4ea

86735R1 Brake Spring  $2ea

308159C1 Brake Spring  $4ea

442051C1 Banjo Bolt  $6ea

80341R1 Bleeder Screw  $1.50ea

442196C1 Caliper Screw  $4ea

48123H Copper Washer  $1.50ea

128147R1 Brake Spring Pin, $2.50ea

131033R1 Brake Inspection Plug  $2.50ea

1032Y Brake Spring Cup  $1.50ea

442193C1 Brake Clip  $1.50ea