Mirrors & Emblems~!

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860265R1, "Scout" Script Emblem for all Scout 80/800's, NEW  $59ea

C4005240 Rare Advertising "IH" Emblem 12"x12", $89ea

2754149R1, "IH" Emblem used on many IH Vehicles 1960~1980, NEW   $59ea

2754149R1, IH Emblem USED,  priced depending upon condition  $9-$39ea

293060C1, IH Emblem, USED  $120.  Also have one that's missing a peg for  $100

264366C1, Cowl Moulding LEFT, IH Pickups and Travelalls, (missing 1 peg) pitted as shown (needs to be re-chromed) Very Hard to Find Item  $79ea

264367C1, Cowl Moulding RIGHT, IH Pickups and Travelalls, (missing 1 peg) pitted as shown (needs to be re-chromed)  Very Hard to Find Item  $79ea

"110" Series Emblem, USED  $39

61762R1, KB2 Emblem, USED  $49

61764R1, KB5 Emblem, USED  $39 USD.  Have another with missing pegs for  $29

89044R1, L-110 Emblem, USED  $79

116226R1, R-110 Emblem, USED  $79

116231R1, R-160 Emblem, USED  $59

145690R1, S-110 Emblem, USED  $79  Have another one, small mark on the front  $69

219290R1, B-100 Emblem, NOS  $180

219290R1, B-100 Emblem, USED  $29

230804R1, B-100 Emblem, NOS  $180

219293R1, B130 Emblem, USED  $59

405380C1, Chrome Name Plate as used on 1971-75 IH Pickups, Travelalls & Travelettes  $19ea   (we do sell the model name decals, please ask)

405380C1, Emblems, USED  $19-$24  Pictures available upon request.

588196C1, S-2300 Emblem, USED  $70

588196C1, S-2500 Emblem, USED  $80

588196C1, S-1700 Emblem, USED  $100

A-100 Emblem, USED  $29

NEW International "Cursive" 13" Emblem, Brilliant Chrome~!  Two only, $79ea

Loadstar 1700 Emblem, USED  $69

Loadstar 1800 Emblem, USED  $39

Triple Diamond Emblem, USED  $39  SOLD

  396637C3, "International" Emblem, Priced depending upon condition  $39- $79

2754222R1 New "International" Grille Emblem as used on the Scout 800A and the 1969-71 International Pickup, Travelall and Travelette. We have a limited supply, order one now~!  $97ea.

2754244R1, "International" Emblem used on Scout II's  $56ea

96905HB "International"  Emblem, priced depending upon condition 

24321R91 Hood Emblem $199

288327C1, Barrel Emblem Nuts, 1/8inch,  $1ea  or  12 for $10

RM575 Scout SSII Style STAINLESS Mirrors, $49ea & specify if Left or Right required.   As a PAIR  $89

RM546 Scout SSII Style BLACK Mirrors, $45ea & specify if Left or Right required.  As a PAIR  $79

373591C92, This is the Classic Yankee Comet Door Mirror used on 1960's & 70's Scouts and P/U's, T/A's.  Some have "ribbed" mirror heads, others are "smooth" on the back of the head.  When looking for a pair, ensure that they match.  All had "IH" embossed into the base between the two screw holes. Watch for aftermarket Comet Mirrors, they WILL NOT have the "IH" on the base. The Mirror Pictured is SOLD and is just used as an example of what Comet or Yankee Mirrors look like. These are USED and priced according to condition.  $50~$200ea.

  373591C92 16 USED, We currently have only ONE Comet Mirror that has the ribs on the back of the head. The head has one larger pit, the stem has quite a few very fine pits and the base has some pits in the crease. The knuckle is fairly tight (it is not flopping around) and the mirror itself will need to be replaced as the adhesion of the silver nitrate is failing. Overall it is a nice driver quality mirror.  $125

373591C92 03 USED, No mirror, head very loose, base nice and straight, stem nice, both need re-chrome for show and if you can find a new mirror head  $29

373591C92 11 USED, mirror is nice, head tight, back of head needs a good polish, base is nice (minor pits), stem is pitted. Overall nice usable mirror  $79

373591C92 23 USED, mirror needs replacing, head is loose and needs a good polish, base has cracks and is bent at the back screw hole, no pits on the stem, but could be re-chromed to be perfect.  $69

  571942C91 Scout II & 1969-75 Pickup & Travelall outside Chrome Mirror. May require drilling an extra hole in the door. Holes must be 5-7/8" center to center. Includes rubber gasket and screws. $69ea

Jr. Westcoast Mirrors, 244773R92 5" X 10", 387775C91 5" X 13". We have various qualities reflected in pricing. The pair shown are 5" X 10". From what I can determine, there were several variations of the IH Jr. West Coast Mirror. One is very angular and the IH was stamped onto the backside. I believe more common was the "teardrop" aluminum mirror as pictured. Some were 10"x5" and others were 13"x5". The IH was stamped into the "end caps" if they were stainless steel. Some have black plastic end caps, which do not have the IH Logo. The smaller mirrors are very popular on the Scout 80 and Scout 800, but can be found on all pickups/travelalls from 1961-75, although I am not sure when they were 1st introduced. I'm sure they will fit the A & B series cabs too. Not sure if International made them or if by a supplier, but this style of mirror has triangular tubing which I have not seen offered by any other manufacturer.

28373 Mirror, $55 USD Each

292445C91 NOS Mirror Kit. Includes Mirror Head (292449C91), Arm (297065C1) & Mounting Screw.  $89kit  SOLD~!

Aftermarket Rearview Mirror, choose 10" or 12", $29 USD

90354 Rearview Mirror Adhesive $5.50 USD

244441R91 NOS International "Necessories" Wide Angle Convex Mirror. Clamp it to your "West Coast" Mirror for added Safety~! Mirror on one side, reflector on the other side. $40ea,  (I have one mirror that does not have all of the hardware or instruction sheet, $25 incomplete).

Some useful info on Mirrors. Seems that most people are looking for the correct door mirror for their Scout or IH Pickup/Travelall. IH made many different types of mirrors and any one of them could be correct for your truck. I have seen several styles of "West Coast" mirrors & trailer towing mirrors. Here are a few examples of "sporty" mirrors from the 60's & 70's. The best image in any mirror is when YOU look into it~!

447139C1 NOS Mirror Base Gasket $3ea

571941C1  NOS Mirror Base Gasket $3ea