Rallye Wheels $95 USD each or set of four $339 USD

Poly Cast Wheels $109 USD each or set of four $399 USD. Offerred as an upgrade for 1980 Scout but will fit any Scout that has 5x5.5 wheel spacing.

  890328R91 Original USED Jack $99ea

  384348C1 Original USED Jack Handle, $19ea

870555R1 Original USED Wheel Wrench,  $19ea

431186C1 Original USED Wheel Wrench Clip  $39ea OUT OF STOCK

Scout II, Terra & Traveler Original Jack Set, USED  $129ea set

434337C1 Original USED Spare Tire Plate, Scout II, Terra & Traveler  $29ea

424498C1 Original USED Spare Tire Retainer (to be used with the J hook), Scout II, Terra & Traveler  $19ea

424497C1 Original USED Spare Tire "J" Bolt for Scout II, Terra & Traveler  $9ea

428902C1 Original USED Spare Tire Retaining Nut for Scout II, Terra & Traveler  $5ea

442-5101 NOS, NEW OLD STOCK Kayline Spare Tire/Jerry Can Holder, How many are left out there? This is period correct and will fit your Scout II, Terra & Traveler, only  $499