Transmission, Clutch, Transfer Case

 Suspension: Shackles, Shocks & Tie Rods

Priced in US Dollars

Rough Country Suspension Lift Kits, 2.5" Lift : 830N3, 1974-80 Scout II, 83530, 1971-73 Scout II. 4" Lift: 82530, 1974-80 Scout II. 82030, 1971-73 Scout II. Includes Springs, U-bolts, Shocks and Hardware. We endevor to provide the most economical shipping available. If you require tracking and/or insurance please inform us as there will be additional fees.  $649 USD, free shipping to the lower 48~!  $889 CDN ( brokerage fee included )~!

Replacement Spring Clamps for Scout 80/800, $3ea

865095R1, NOS Shock Stud used on Scout 80/800 and 1961-68 P/U & T/A's, $9ea

31001 Shock Bolt $13ea

BCB 5" Extended Shackles: LASER CUT AND MACHINED 3/8 steel. Gives you 1" of lift and helps correct pinion angle associated with lifting as well as allowing full motion of lift springs.


 BCB-052 Scout II Extended Shackle (5") with 7/16" bolt hole, 6 flat plates and 2 angled plates  $169kit



 BCB-051  Scout 80/800 Extended Shackle (5") with 7/16" bolt hole, 8 flat plates (no hardware) $89kit

BCB-032 Scout II Stock Shackle (3") with 7/16" bolt hole, 6 flate plates and 2 angled plates (no hardware) $92kit

BCB-031 Scout 80/800 Stock Shackle (3") with 7/16" bolt hole, 8 flat plates (no hardware) $82kit

BCB Axle Shim, 2.5 degree, 1.75" wide for Scout 80/800, $35pr

BCB Axle Shim Bolt, $25pr

BCB Straight Steer Brace, $99ea

BCB Hidden U-bolt Spring Plates.  These are the strongest ones on the market.
Made from 3/8" thick steel, (other companies use 1/8 layered or 1/4 and bend the steel!!) Ours are fully welded (no bending) Prevents damage to U-bolt threads and hanging up on rocks. They also allow you to remove stock spring clamps, and keep the springs from "fanning" out side to side but allow fanning up and down to assist in greater flex. These are designed to accommodate  5/8" diameter U-bolts but should fit 1/2" if you have them already. Gain back some lost ground clearance!! Comes with new 5/8" U-bolts. These can be flipped upside down for spring over girdles applications. All but the front passenger side will work.(we are working on that side)
FYI: The front passenger side took many hours(29) to get all the angles, and measurements lined up so it would work right. After many trial and error fitments the end product is the best there is NO ifs ands or buts. Any Questions?        
 Please note these pictures are of the older version with the 1.5x1.5 inch angle iron on the sides. The new version is 2x2 angle iron. They come up the sides of the spring better to hold the leaf packs together and the bolts on the passenger front are all straight now
. Set of 4 Hidden Plates, $350

391331C1 (62102G) Scout II, Terra & Treveler Polyurethane Spring Bushings. You will need 2 kits to do all 4 springs (each spring needs 6 bushings) $42kit

BCB Body Lift kits: 1", 2" or 3" available. Includes all necessary hardware for automatic or stick. Strongest design made on the market. Note for 2" & 3" lifts, you should use billet steering joints. You will not be disappointed with these kits as our components are of better quality than the competition. These are the best money can buy. 

Scout II, Traveler & Terra,  1" $110,   2" $120,   3" $130
Scout 80 & 800, includes front mount,  1" $110,   2" $120,    3" $130