Transmission, Clutch, Transfer Case
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NOS means New Old Stock. Any item that is NOS will not have stress fractures associated with use (vibration) and will have come from the original tooling to make the part originally. Aftermarket parts sometimes do not fit the same as NOS parts. Some NOS parts will have shelf wear after many years of storage. This includes scuffing, scratches, rust, dents and even total failure of the part that renders it useless! Sometimes NOS is over priced...and sometimes truly undervalued! Watch pricing on these items, esp. damaged or common NOS parts. Not all vehicle parts are reproduced and when a NOS part is found, often the value goes up if it's an item eagerly sought. The value can be traced to the bodyshop and what it would take to repair or restore a used/damaged part. My father and I hammered a 1961 Cadillac fender back to original form after a days work. It still needed some bondo...but we brought back a part that was shortened 12" after a collision. We had NO money to buy a used or new fender...our labour was free. That same part in a bodyshop would cost over $700 today to repair. This is when economics come into play and when you should seek out a premium used or NOS part. NORS = New Old Restored Stock.
Restore your Truck/Scout with Genuine Parts~!

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395656C3, NOS Scout II Windshield Frame, $SOLD~!
287965C2, NOS Grille: New and Never installed on a Vehicle.
The Crowning Jewel to a Restoration, like placing the Wedding Ring on your Bride!
This Grille will fit all 1963-64 Pickups and Travelalls and some titled as 1965's.
Includes the Original Shipping Box from International.
Likely the Last NOS Grille for a 1963-64 on the Planet. *$699*  SOLD~!
445056C2 (JGD10001Down), 495611C2 (JGD10001Up), NOS Inner Quarter Panel, Left Side Scout II, $549
445457C1 (JGD10001Up), 495613C2 (JGD10001Down), NOS Inner Quarter Panel, Right Side Scout II, $549
NEW OLD STOCK Floor Mat, we have a few, Fits Scout II Cargo Floor, Blue Only,  $349ea  On sale for $279 WITH FREE SHIPPING~! SOLD OUT
  465846C2, NOS Scout Terra/Traveler Door Seal, it's the real deal with the tab molded in, LEFT.  $125ea  SOLD
  465847C2, NOS Scout Terra/Traveler Door Seal, for cab models, RIGHT.  $125ea  SOLD
487992C91, NOS Scout II, Spindle with spacer & seal, $139.
469455C1, New Heater Blower Motor with Squirrel Cage, $99.
323518C1, NOS Exhaust Manifold, will fit all International Engines for Scout 80/800, Scout II, Pickups, Travelalls, Loadstar except 74-75 P/U & T/A (rear dump). SOLD OUT~!  We have some used bead blasted manifolds for $85ea.
465502C1, NOS Heater Fan (Squirrel Cage), $35ea.
478333C3 NOS Regulator $69 USD
Complete Left Side for Scout II, some minor shelf wear SOLD OUT
We will take a Deposit and hold until you can Pick Them Up or need them Shipped~! COMPLETE with inner & outer quarters, tailcap, inner & outer rockers, wheelwell, door jamb and "A" pillar~!  $1,500 ~~SOLD~~
424172C92, NOS Scout II Lift Gate. DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY OF THE HARDWARE: 395922C2 Hinge (left), 395923C2 Hinge (right), Window Seal with chrome locking ring, 395954C4 Cam (left), 395955C4 Cam (right), 395914C2 Support (left), 395915C2 Support (right) and 395952C3 Bottom Seal.  

On Sale Now, NOS Lift Gate Frames Only $459 SOLD OUT

381008C1, NOS Side Marker Housing with Lens (left side). This item appears new, but has some VERY minor marks from being stored unpackaged. Used on 1969-70 IH P/U & T/A. (see this item in the "Electrical" Section)  SOLD OUT
456035C1, NOS Scout II Grille, 1973, 74, 75, minor shelf wear, $299. SOLD
NOS Scout II Grille Surround/Valance, Fits 1976-79,  $349 SOLD~!
NOS International Dip Sticks~! Just Add Oil~!  Check your Parts Manual for application per part number. No Parts Manual? Check with plUSS~! 345602C11, 446518C1, 338627C31, 1824561C1, 151728R21...ALL $35ea.
417836C3 NOS Dip Stick Tubes, for IH 266 & 304 V8, $39ea.
395471C4, NOS Scout II Air Intake Top Panel (cowl cover) $59.


424173C92, NOS Scout II Tailgate, complete with ALL hardware, $599 SOLD

NOS 1967-68 Pickup/Travelall Mesh Grille Insert, $199  SOLD
327320C1 NOS Radio Face Plate, $99 USD

NOS Scout II, P/U & T/A Speedometer, Metric, $179.

NOS Scout II, P/U & T/A Speedometer, Metric, $179.

NOS Scout II Door Skin, Drivers (Left, L-1) Side, $179. SOLD~!

NOS Scout Traveler or Terra Rear Quarters,  No welding of panels together to replace your quarters~!  SOLD OUT~!   If you need quarters for a Terra or Traveler, we can make them in  FIBERGLASS  email or phone for info~!

395606C7 LEFT  &  395607C5 RIGHT, Scout II Rear Quarter Panels,  The NOS are SOLD OUT but we carry quarter panels that are made from the original dies~!  $259ea.

NOS Scout II Traveltop tinted side window complete with seal & chrome lock ring, Right, $99 ON SALE FOR $79. SOLD

NOS Scout II Traveltop tinted side window complete with seal & chrome lock ring, Left, $99 ON SALE FOR $79. SOLD

244441R91 NOS International "Necessories" Wide Angle Convex Mirror. Clamp it to your "West Coast" Mirror for added Safety~! Mirror on one side, reflector on the other side. $20ea,  (I have one mirror that does not have all of the hardware or instruction sheet, $10 incomplete).

292445C91 NOS Mirror Kit. Includes Mirror Head (292449C91), Arm (297065C1) & Mounting Screw.  $89kit. SOLD~!

258874C92, NOS Heater Motor, Scout II Proir to 1977, $59ea.

NOS Scout II Door Skin LEFT. L-3 $179. SOLD!

NOS HUBS, See this item in the new parts section! NOS are SOLD OUT

NOS D-Line Pickup Door Skin RIGHT, 3 dents across top and 1 dent near bottom. R-1 $59 

NOS Hub Caps, Scout II, open center for the hubs, $55. each~!

470404C1 NOS Power Steering Pump (non smog) Bracket for Scouts, P/U & T/A's, $59ea.

865095R1, NOS Shock Stud used on Scout 80/800 and 1961-68 P/U & T/A's, $9ea.

NOS HUBS, see this item in the New Parts Section!

NOS Scout II Rag Joints, $85ea.

NOS 395463C2, Scout II, Terra & Traveler Arch Filler Panel, $149ea.

Winter Front for 9000 Series, $29.

Winter Front for 9000 Series, $29.

293463C91 Hose

493790C2, NOS Exhaust Pipe Support Bracket, Scout II, Terra & Traveler, $25ea

493782C1, NOS Scout II, Terra, Traveler Exhaust Pipe Bracket, $15ea.

401319C2, NOS Scout II, Terra, Traveler Muffler Clamp Bracket, $15ea.

  217914R11 "Y" Pipe

312747C21 "Y" Pipe

373270C1 "Y" Pipe

379070C2 Exhaust Pipe

380159C1 Exhaust Pipe

3905093C1 Exhaust Pipe

408732C1 Exhaust Pipe

408790C2 Exhaust Pipe

426553C1 Exhaust Pipe

439375C1 Exhaust Pipe

441588C1 Exhaust Pipe